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Stop wasting time setting up your web development environment! In just 3 clicks, ServBay sets up everything for you, from Web Server to PHP/Node.js, from MariaDB to Redis. Forget about email and DNS servers – ServBay's got you covered! Say goodbye to reverse tunnel nightmares! Download ServBay and launch your next web project now!

Download ServBay 1.3.2
ServBay is free and is compatible with macOS 12 or newer
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Why should you use ServBay

We understand that enjoying something doesn't always require a reason. Yet, due to our commitment to a rigorous development environment, we still present you with four undeniable reasons.

Quick Install

Just one click and you're set up in seconds. There's no need for Docker or compiling from source code. You can freely switch between different versions of programming languages or databases at any time, and even run multiple versions of PHP simultaneously.

Comprehensive Tools

Comes with an extensive array of web development toolkits like Caddy, NGINX, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, memcached, etc., supporting both the latest and legacy versions.

High Performance

Runs in a non-virtualized environment, conserving your system resources. It's been specifically adapted and optimized for macOS.

Robust Security

Stays in sync with the official version. You can upgrade to the latest version anytime with just a single click. It includes the latest security patches, and we've gone the extra mile to enhance the security of the configuration files.

“I have had countless days struggling with the environment, trying to find the root of the problem in complex client environments. I have worked from night to morning just to find that bug that troubles me. But the appearance of ServBay has made everything so simple. With just a few clicks, the multi-version switching feature allows me to easily simulate various PHP and database environments, giving me direction in this development jungle. It gives me more time to create, to discover, to enjoy the fun of open source, rather than struggling in endless environmental issues.”

ServBay User: Eric Thompson, Open Source Developer
Eric Thompson Open Source Developer

“The onboarding of new employees always gives me a headache. Everyone's needs are different, each person's development environment is an independent island. I used to spend a lot of time setting up their development environments individually. However, the arrival of ServBay has made everything easy. I just need to click the mouse a few times, and a few seconds later, the new environment is ready. I can have more time to optimize our system, to improve our performance. ServBay is truly a savior for IT operations!”

ServBay User: Li Wei, IT Operations Engineer
Li Wei IT Operations Engineer

“Under the pressure of parallel multi-projects, I used to be in a frantic state switching between various environments. Each switch was like finding an exit in a maze. However, ServBay's profile feature allows me to easily switch between different environments, keeping me calm and always keeping my testing environment organized. I can concentrate more on finding those hidden bugs, understand our products more deeply. ServBay, it gives me balance in this fast-paced testing world.”

ServBay User: Amit Patel, Software Testing Engineer
Amit Patel Software Testing Engineer

“configure? make? make install? These are all too complicated for me. I just want to quickly enter the programming world and write my first line of code. Looking at the scrolling letters on the screen, I feel terrified. And ServBay, like a beacon lighting up my way forward, helped me overcome my fear and easily took the first step in programming. It gives me more time to understand code, to experience the fun of programming, rather than wasting time in complex environment configurations.”

ServBay User: Bambang Sutanto, Newbie Developer
Bambang Sutanto Newbie Developer

“The differences in equipment, systems, and software versions within the team used to be a headache. Sometimes, I feel like building a castle on a constantly changing beach. But ServBay allows me to ask team members to lock the development environment to a unified version, avoiding problems caused by an inconsistent environment. I can manage my team better, plan projects more effectively. ServBay is our team's navigator, leading us towards a more efficient development path.”

ServBay User: John Davis, Team Leader
John Davis Team Leader

Everything you need to develop a website

In web development, beyond the essential Web Server, you need languages like PHP, Node.js, databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and NoSQL like Redis. We've prepared all these for you.

Multiple PHP Instances

From PHP 5.6 to PHP 8.3, you can have several PHP versions running at the same time. Assign them to different hosts, and switch between different PHP versions on each host with ease

Multiple PHP Instances

Custom Domain and SSL Support

We've got you covered with support for non-standard TLDs, like servbay.testing. Plus, we handle SSL certification for non-standard domain names and HTTPS access

Custom Domain and SSL Support

Startup with macOS & Control instant

Set ServBay to start up with your system, so your services don't skip a beat if you reboot or log out. Plus, you can manage your services swiftly from the menu bar

Startup with macOS & Control instant

Command Line Support

With command line support, You can run commands like php, mysql, and redis-cli right in the terminal. It's a great way to interact with these services directly and get your scripts, tasks, and advanced features up and running quickly

Command Line Support

Unified Service Management

With our powerful service management panel, you can install, update, disable, or uninstall service suites of different versions. Plus, as we keep expanding our software library, you'll get access to new software and services

Supports Docker, Node.js

With our reverse proxy feature, you can bind local Docker, Node.js, and other apps to your host, providing domain-based, 80/443 ports access with SSL support

Isolated installation

All ServBay files are stand-alone and non-invasive, so they won't interfere with your operating system. You can delete them, copy them, or move them to a new computer as you wish, anytime, anywhere


Install the ServBay development library, and you can compile the new PHP modules and software you need

Frequently asked questions

If you have more questions you would like to know about, please visit the Support Center.

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